The Empowered Investor: Real Estate Investing 101 Group Coaching Program

**Enrollment for Cohort 1 opens now and ends August 24, 2022.

Who’s a good fit for this program: A man or woman who is interested building intergenerational wealth and creating multiple streams of passive income through real estate investing. Perhaps real estate investing has been on your mind but you’re not sure how to get started or where to begin.

You don’t want to go through it alone. You like the idea of being in a group setting and surrounded in a team like, supportive environment where you will learn tips and strategies for buying a rental property (single family or multi-unit).

What you’ll get:

  • 9 group coaching sessions (via Zoom) for 60 minutes three times (3x) a month.
  • A private Facebook group amongst all participants
  • Action steps and a participant partner to move you forward on the journey to become an entrepreneur and landlord
Text and email support throughout the program
Three 1-1 coaching sessions with Crystal (scheduled at your choosing)

This program will be transformative, challenging, and fun. It will be action-oriented, and you will have steppingstones to move toward your goals. And you are going to joined by a group of amazing people going through similar experiences with you.

Why group coaching?

I created this program as a group coaching format because I believe community is important. I remember going to local real estate investing group meetings feeling isolated as one of a handful of women of color. Some people even asked me why I chose to invest in real estate because I’m a lawyer. I think they had good intentions but were genuinely confused as to why I was in the same space as them. I eventually stopped going to those meetings. Once in a while, I would run into a friend who happened to invest in real estate but they were far and few in between. I created this program so that like-minded individuals can come together and support each other in their mutual goal of buying rental properties.

How it works:

Sign up at the link below to schedule a call.
Commitment is for 12 weeks.
You’ll get a schedule of the coaching sessions before the first session.
I will cap the group at 7 participants to ensure that everyone is receiving quality support.
The program is conducted virtually via Zoom. All participants will have access to recordings if unavailable to attend.

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