What do you want most in life?

What do you dream about creating? Having? Being successful at?

Is your life everything you had hoped?

I'm here to tell you that it is possible to wake up everyday with meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and excitement.

As a career and leadership coach, I work with high achieving professionals to advance their careers or business. I help professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs find meaning, purpose, and excitement in their lives. My clients are typically high achievers that are on a level of their own. Their game is so much bigger than anyone around them. The problem with success is success. What helped them get to their current level of success holds them back from achieving more success.

After working with me, my clients go from overwhelmed or stuck to finding clarity and purpose so that they feel excited, productive, energetic, and happier in their lives.

Meet Crystal

Crystal resides in the Los Angeles County area with her husband Franz and their two kids. Crystal's hobbies include gardening, golf, and baking. She and her family always make giving back a priority, making sure that they engage volunteer work or donate regularly to a local non-profit.


Crystal is as dedicated to her community as she is to her clients and family. She served on the board of two non-profits for several years and enjoys mentoring young attorneys or law students.


Thanks to Crystal's deft guidance, I am much happier and actually love what I do. I highly recommend Crystal's career coaching if you are looking for an affirming way of looking at your career objectives, but especially if you are feeling frustrated and stuck like I was!
-- Amanda Thai, Esq.
Claims Manager, Beazley

[Crystal] taught me what employers are looking for during the hiring process, and how to shape the narrative to my advantage. I was able to find full time employment within a few weeks of using Crystal's service.​
-- Alex Reiff
Mechanical Engineer, Inteprod LLC

"Crystal is a hard worker and a pleasure to work with. She is passionate about increasing diversity in the legal field and will settle for nothing less than excellence in all that she does."
-- Melissa Pang
Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Ballard Spahr LLP

[Crystal] actively listened to what I had to say and continually challenged me (in a positive way!). Her questions were well crafted and helped me see things from a different perspective. I learned a lot! Crystal is an absolute GEM!!
-- Hilary Clemons
Program Manager, Freedom Forever

I found myself in a rut during the pandemic; I wasn't satisfied with how my life was going, but I struggled to motivate myself to make changes. Crystal helped me clarify my values, define my goals, and create realistic milestones for myself, and she kept me accountable for slowly and steadily putting in the work to reach them. She also helped coach me on how to interview virtually, and it was a huge confidence-booster that helped me find a new job. Thank you for giving me the kick I needed to get started and teaching me the practices I can use to keep the momentum going on my own!
-- Sneha Jayaprakash
Senior Product Manager, FinTech Startup

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